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Final conference on project TRANSDANUBE
It marks the official end of a 2-year collaboration between 14 project partners from six countries along the Danube

The final conference of the TRANSDANUBE project, carried out under the leadership of the Environment Agency Austria, marks the official end of a 2-year collaboration between 14 project partners from six countries along the Danube. At the conference the results of the project were presented to a broad audience and discussed with TRANSDANUBE experts. Particular emphasis was on the status of sustainable mobility and tourism along the Danube, methods and measures to tackle the problems at hand, established sustainable mobility offers and tourism packages, good practices in and outside the Danube area and future challenges.

The conference was organized by the Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia in cooperation with the Serbian Ministry of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning and the Danube Competence Centre.

TRANSDANUBE aims at developing sustainable mobility along the Danube by promoting train, bus, bike and ship transport to disseminate the concept of sustainable tourism in the whole Danube region, contributing to the achievement of the objectives of European policies and strategies and strengthening transnational cooperation on all levels. The keen interest in the TRANSDANUBE project at transnational, national and regional level is demonstrated by the large number (more than 35) of associated partners and observers.

In the two years of implementation, the project partners have developed a transnational report of the state of the art on sustainable mobility as well as a good practice collection which have been the basis for a common sustainable mobility vision for the Danube region. In a next step the regional project partner have prepared Regional Action Plans as a guideline for the implementation of concrete sustainable mobility offers and tourist packages in the partner regions.

Many different measures are needed to implement sustainable mobility in tourism so that the accessibility of regions and tourist attractions can be improved - this was a clear result which became evident from the Regional Action Plans. In the course of the TRANSDANUBE project, the project partners started with important activities and other activities will follow as part of a mid- to long-term implementation plan. Additionally, manuals were developed to provide a guideline for future implementation.

Eleven out of the project partners have created sustainable mobility packages for tourists. While the project was underway about 25 packages were developed. These packages are either countryspecific (for Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Serbia), or they extend across national borders such as for example in the border triangle of Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. RARIS, the TRANSDANUBE partner from Serbia, compiled the soft mobility and tourism package \"Soul of Serbia\", which became one of the bookable packages. Within three days Danube travellers can visit the World Heritage Site of Serbia and explore the Serbian mountains and river landscapes.

For the promotion of these products a transnational as well as regional marketing strategies were elaborated. Product strategy of TRANSDANUBE is based on reinventing traditional tourism products – touring special interests, nautical travel – into soft mobility based products. It suggests connecting tourism and using sustainable transportation and green activities, and to facilitate development of additional offer in order to create complete and coherent tourism product portfolio.

Information about existing mobility offers and packages in the regions along the Danube is still weak. An interactive map as one of the outputs of TRANSDANUBE covers the whole of the river Danube from the source to the Delta with a buffer zone of around 75 km on both sides of the Danube. The map combines information on tourist highlights with information on the available soft mobility options. It enables users to plan their trips along the Danube by ship, train, bus or bike with a simple mouse click. It can be reached on and

More information about TRANSDANUBE and the project activities & results are available at and

Vidin region will participate in the 35 edition of the International Tourist Fair Holiday&Spa Expo 2018
Regional governor of Vidin region Albena Georgieva opened the First workshop with stakeholder on project Transdanube.Pearls – Network for sustainable mobility along the Danube
Danube region commits to sustainable mobility in tourism
15 organisations from 9 European countries along the Danube encourage the development of a Network of Destinations (“Pearls”) to offer their visitors and inhabitants the possibility to travel and explore the Danube region with sustainable means of transport.
Final conference on project TRANSDANUBE
It marks the official end of a 2-year collaboration between 14 project partners from six countries along the Danube
Sixth partner meeting and Final conference on project TRANSDANUBE
From 8 to 11 September 2014 will be held the Sixth partner meeting and the Final conference of project “TRANSDANUBE – Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube”, in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
Travelling eco-friendly along the Danube
Interactive Map \"Danube Tour\" supports tourists who would like to travel along the Danube by bus, train, boat and on foot
Fifth partner meeting on project TRANSDANUBE was held in Tulcea, Romania
The meeting was attended by representatives of all project partners from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria
Fifth partner meeting on project TRANSDANUBE in Tulcea, Romania
The workshop will begin with meeting of the Project Steering Committee where will be discussed the current status of the project implementation
Regional administration Vidin will hold two seminars on project TRANSDANUBE - „Sustainable Transport and Tourism along Danube”
On the seminars will be presented products developed in the framework of the project – Regional Marketing
The Fourth partner meeting on project TRANSDANUBE ended in Veszprem, Hungary
The members of the team actively joined the organized sessions related with information exchange in the field of tourism, tourism packages and proposals for sustainable transport
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