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State Institutions

Territorial administrative structures
of the Minister of Labour and social Policy

Social Assistance Agency
Regional Directorate for Social Assistance - Vidin
3 "Bdintsi" Sq., fl.3
tel. 601-126, 601-653 fax: 601-653

Directorate "Social Assistance" Vidin
5 "Edelvays" Str.
tel. 601-640, 601-641, 601-444

Directorate "Social Assistance" Belogradchik
17 "Knyaz Boris " Str.
tel. 0936/5-42-34, 0936/5-32-27

Directorate "Social Assistance" Bregovo
4 "Aleksandar Stamboliyski" Str.
tel. 09312/33-15, 09312/23-84

Directorate "Social Assistance" Dimovo
1 "Vasil Kolarov" Str.
tel. 09341/23-76, 09341/23-64

Directorate "Social Assistance" Kula
40 "Vazrazhdane" Str.
tel. 0938/3-31-50, 0938/3-31-59

National Employment Agency
"Labour office" Directorate Vidin
3 "Bdintsi" Sq.
tel. 601-362, 601-385, fax: 601-362

"Labour office" Directorate Belogradchik
1 "Vasil Levski" Str.
tel. 0936/5-45-02, 0936/5-41-32, 0936/5-32-50, : 0936/5-32-59

"Labour office" Directorate Kula
40 "Vazrazhdane" Str.
tel. 0938/3-37-66, fax: 0938/3-37-79

Executive Agency "General Labour Inspectorate"
"Labour Inspectorate Vidin" Directorate
6 "Dunavska" Str., st. 4
tel. 601-303, fax: 601-304

Territorial Administrative Structure
of the Minister of Education and Science

Regional Education Inspectorate Vidin
2 "Bdintsi" Sq.
tel. 601-731, 601-734

Territorial Administrative Structure
of the Minister of Finance

National Revenue Agency
Territorial Directorate Veliko Tarnovo
Service Office Vidin
12 "Shesti Septemvri" Str.
tel. 690-400; 690-408, fax: 690-459
690-421 (tax legislation); 690-401(insurance legislation);
690-478 (health status check); 690-415 (information department OPZ)

Territorial Administrative Structures
to the Minister of Agriculture and Food

Regional Directorate "Agriculture"
12 "Ribarska" Str., fl. 2
tel. 601-489, 601-488, 601-487, 601-486, fax: 601-489

National Agency of Food Safety
66 "Tsar Simeon Veliki" Str.
tel. 601-580, fax: 601-588

Executive Agency "Hail Suppression"
"Hail Suppression" Regional Directorate - Vidin
12 "Ribarska" Str., fl. 3, room 32
tel. 600-019, fax: 600-019

Command post town of Gramada
tel. 604-592, fax: 604-593
e-mail: kp.grd

Executive Agency "Fisheries and Aquacultures"
Department "Fisheries and control West Bulgaria" - Sofia
"Fisheries and control" - Vidin
13 "Tsar Aleksandar II" Str., fl. 4, rooms 1, 8
tel. 601-239, fax: 601-239

National Agricultural Advisory Service
Regional office - Vidin
12 "Ribarska" Str., fl. 3, room 38
tel. 606-455, fax: 606-455

Territorial Administrative Structures
to the Ministry of Interior

Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior Vidin
87 "Tsar Simeon Veliki" Str.
Operational duty unit: tel. 600-014, fax: 600-170

Regional spokesperson of Ministry of Interior
Lora Stefanova tel. 694-281 and 600-733

Sector "Traffic Police" Vidin
Registry tel. 694-313
Counter "Submission of documents and obtaining driving license" tel.694-311
Counter "Registration of Vehicle" tel. 694-305
Counter "Administrative-criminal activity" tel. 694-312

Regional Department Vidin
1 "Shiroka" Str.
Operating duty tel. 600-166

Section "Police" nbh. "Nov Pat"
tel. 694-395

Section "Police" town of Bregovo
tel. 694-447

Section "Police" village of Archar
tel. 09317/23-00

Regional Department Belogradchik
3 "Vazrazhdane" Sqr.
Operating duty tel. 0936/5-32-41, 0936/5-33-30

Section "Police" village of Ruzhintsi
tel. 09324/21-66

Regional Department Kula
36 "Vazrazhdane" Sqr.
Operating duty tel. 0938/3-22-31, 0938/3-22-32

Regional Directorate "Fire Safety and Rescue"
Yuzhna promishlena zona (Traffic Police building)
tel.: 600-064, 694-220

Border Police DepartmentVidin
30 "Geo Milev" Str.
tel.: 690-790 (operating duty)

Border Police Department Bregovo
30 "Geo Milev" Str.
tel.: 600 621 (operating duty)

Border Police Department Belogradchik
24 "Midzhur" Str.
Head: Ivaylo Konov
tel.: 0936/5-45-20 (operating duty)

Territorial Administrative Structure
of the Ministry of Defence

Regional Military Section - Vidin
26 "Gladston" Str.
tel.: 600-754

Territorial Administrative Unit
to the Minister of Justice

Executive Agency "Military Clubs and Military Recreation"
Territorial Department - Sofia
Military club Hotel (Presidiary military club)
15 "Baba Vida" Str.
tel.: 601-428

Territorial Administrative Structures
to the Minister of Justice

General Directorate "Execution of Judgement"
Regional service "Execution of Judgement" - Vidin
1 "Bdintsi" Sq., fl.1, p.b. 147
tel. 620-104, 620-373, 620-108, fax. 620-108

Registry Agency
Registry Office - Vidin
Property register and Commercial register
1 "Bdintsi" Sq., fl. 1
tel. 607-331

Bulstat Register
Yuzhna promishlena zona (Regional statistical office building)
tel. 607-924

Territorial Administrative Structure
to the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works

General Directorate "Programming of Regional Development",
"Northwest region" Department
69A "Tsar Simeon Veliki" Str., fl. 4
tel. 601-145 , 601-125, 601-135

General Directorate "Strategic planning of regional development and administrative-territorial structure"
Unit "SPRDAS in Northwest region" Department
69A "Tsar Simeon Veliki" Str., fl. 4
tel. 600-003

General Directorate "Civil Registration and Administrative Services" (CRAS)
Regional unit CRAS Vidin
2 "Bdintsi" Sq., fl. 7, rooms 5 and 2 Municipality building
tel. 601-147, 601-179

Territorial Administrative Structures to the
Minister of Regional Development and Public Works

"Road Infrastrucure" Agency
Regional road department
69 "Tsar Simeon Veliki" Str.
tel. 601 270, 601-262, fax: 601-284

National Construction Control Directorate
Regional Department "National construction control"
1 "Bdintsi" Sq., fl. 2
tel. 601-228, 601-353, fak: 601-228

Geodesy Cartography and Cadastre Executive Agency
Geodesy Cartography and Cadastre Office - Vidin
71 "Tsar Simeon Veliki" Str.
tel. 600-314, fax: 601-628

Territorial Administrative Structures
to the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications

Executive agency "Automobile Administration"
Regional Directorate "Automobile Administration"- Vidin
Yuzhna promishlena zona (Traffic police building)
tel. 601-864, 601-863, fax: 601-864

Executive agency "Maritime Administration"
"Maritime Administration - Lom" Directorate
Vidin Unit
1 "Dunavska" Str.
tel. 600-557

Territorial Administrative Structure
to the Minister of Health

Regional health inspection Vidin
76 "Tsar Simeon Veliki" Str.
tel. 601-695, 601-700, fax: 601-697

Other Administrative Structures

State Fund "Agriculture"
Regional Directorate Vidin
13 "TsarAleksandar " Str., fl.1
tel. 690-331, 690 312, fax: 690-331

State Agency "National Security"
Regional Directorate Vidin
87 "Tsar Simeon Veliki" Str.

National Health Insurance Fund
Regional Health Insurance Fund Vidin
2 "Panoniya" Av., p.b 2
tel. 609 810, fax: 609-811

National Social Security Institute
Regional office "Social Security"
4 "Pazarska" Str.
tel. 605-340, fax: 605-340

National Statistical Institute
Territorial Statistical Bureau
Yuzhna promishlena zona
tel. 600-960, fax: 600-960

National Audit Office
Exported workplace - Vidin
1 "Bdintsi" Sq., fl. 3, p.b 32
tel. 601-440

State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance
General Directorate "Market Surveillance"
Regional Department "West Bulgaria"
Sector "Northwest region", workplace Vidin
1 "Bdintsi " Sq., fl.1, room.18
tel. 600-285

State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance
General Directorate "Metrology Surveillance"
Regional Department "West Bulgaria"
Sector "Northwest region", workplace Vidin
1 "Bdintsi " Sq., fl.3, room.49
tel. 601-107

Bulgarian Institute of Metrology
General Directorate "Measures and Measuring Instruments"- sector Vidin
Regional department Vratsa, sector Vidin
1 "Bdintsi " Sq. (parter)
tel. +359 878 241 556

"Archives" State Agency
Directorate "Regional state archive" Montana
Department "State archive" Vidin
27 "Knyaz Boris I" Str.
tel. 600-283, 600-268 (reading room), fax. 600-283

Commission for consumer protection
Regional Directorate Montana
Vidin unit
3 "Bdintsi" Sq, fl.1, rooms 4-5
tel. 606-367

Commission for protection against discrimination
3 "Bdintsi" Sq., fl.1, room.1
tel.. 620-062

Commission for withdrawal of criminal assets
Territorial Directorate Sofia
Territorial Unit Vidin
1 "Bdintsi", fl.3, room 47
tel. 601-617

Public companies with state ownership

"Irrigation systems" SSC Vidin branch
13 "Tsar Aleksandar ", fl.3
tel. 600-860, fax. 600-867

"Water supply and sewerage" Ltd. Vidin
18 "Shiroka" Str.
tel. 601-078, fax. 601-079

Territorial Unit of "Bulgarian Posts" SSC - Vidin
10 "Knyaz Aleksandar Batenberg" Str.
tel. 601-830, 604-116, fax. 601-851

"Duty free zone Vidin" JSC
Severna promishlena zona
tel. 602-060, fax. 602-046

"Electricity system operator" SSC
Network service region Montana
Network service sub-region - Vidin
72 "Tsar Simeon Veliki" Str.
tel. 605-252, fax: 605-259

Multispecialty Hospital for Active Treatment "Sveta Petka" JSC
119 "Tsar Simeon Veliki" Str.
tel. 602-131 (registry)

Northwestern state enterprise Vratsa
Territorial division "State Forestry Vidin"
1 "Yavorov" Str., fl.4
tel. 600-988, 600-995, fax: 600-997

Territorial division "State Forestry Belogradchik"
2 "Hristo Botev" Str.
tel. 0936/5-45-31, fax: 0936/5-45-31

Territorial division of the State Forestry Midzhur
Locality "Studeni Dol" p.b 27
tel. 0936/5-44-90, fax: 0936/5-32-42

"Port Vidin" Ltd.
1 "Dunavska" Str.
River Station, st.2
tel. 600-604, fax. 600-645

Transportation service "Vidin and Lom"
to "BDZ Passenger Services" Ltd.
"Knyaz Al. Battenberg" Sq.
. 600-567, 606-050 (ticket desk)

Judiciary Bodies

District Court Vidin
1 "Bdintsi" Sq.
tel. 600-980 (adm. secretary), fax. 600-958

Regional Court Vidin
1 "Bdintsi" Sq.
tel. 600-782 (adm. secretary), fax. 600-791

Regional Court Belogradchik
45 "Knyaz Boris " Str.
tel. 0936/5-39-73 (adm. secretary), fax. 0936/5-39-73

Regional Court Kula
1 "Ivan Krastev" Str.
tel. 0938/3-36-61 (adm. secretary), fax. 0938/3-36-61

Regional Prosecutors Office - Vidin
14 "Dunavska" Str.
tel. 601-059 (records), fax. 601-067

District Prosecutors Office - Vidin
14 "Dunavska", fl.1
tel . 601-058 (records), fax: 600-424

Regional Prosecutors Office Belogradchik
45 "Knyaz Boris " Str.
tel.: 0936/5-31-40 (administrative secretary), fax: 0936/5-31-40

Regional Prosecutors Office Kula
1 "Ivan Krastev" Str.
tel. 0938/3-37-39 (administrative secretary), fax: 0938/3-37-93

Administrative Court Vidin
1 "Bdintsi" Sq.
.: 601-491 ()
tel. 626-363 (administrative secretary), fax: 626-363

District Investigation Service - Vidin
87 "Tsar Simeon Veliki" Str.
tel./fax: 607-719

Vidin region will participate in the 35 edition of the International Tourist Fair Holiday&Spa Expo 2018
Regional governor of Vidin region Albena Georgieva opened the First workshop with stakeholder on project Transdanube.Pearls Network for sustainable mobility along the Danube
Danube region commits to sustainable mobility in tourism
15 organisations from 9 European countries along the Danube encourage the development of a Network of Destinations (Pearls) to offer their visitors and inhabitants the possibility to travel and explore the Danube region with sustainable means of transport.
Final conference on project TRANSDANUBE
It marks the official end of a 2-year collaboration between 14 project partners from six countries along the Danube
Sixth partner meeting and Final conference on project TRANSDANUBE
From 8 to 11 September 2014 will be held the Sixth partner meeting and the Final conference of project TRANSDANUBE Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube, in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
Travelling eco-friendly along the Danube
Interactive Map \"Danube Tour\" supports tourists who would like to travel along the Danube by bus, train, boat and on foot
Fifth partner meeting on project TRANSDANUBE was held in Tulcea, Romania
The meeting was attended by representatives of all project partners from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria
Fifth partner meeting on project TRANSDANUBE in Tulcea, Romania
The workshop will begin with meeting of the Project Steering Committee where will be discussed the current status of the project implementation
Regional administration Vidin will hold two seminars on project TRANSDANUBE - Sustainable Transport and Tourism along Danube
On the seminars will be presented products developed in the framework of the project Regional Marketing
The Fourth partner meeting on project TRANSDANUBE ended in Veszprem, Hungary
The members of the team actively joined the organized sessions related with information exchange in the field of tourism, tourism packages and proposals for sustainable transport
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