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The Charter of the rights of consumers of administrative services in Regional Administration Vidin is a step towards answering the societys high requirements to administration.

The main objective of this Charter of consumers is to raise the quality of administrative servicing in Regional Administration Vidin. Its main designation is to enable citizens to become familiar with the functions of the Regional Governor, the type of services offered by the Regional Administration, to make clear in brief the basic rights given to them by different laws. Without pretending for comprehensiveness to show the consumers of administrative services the way to make benefit of these rights, as well as to import higher quality standards in administrative servicing.

The Charter of its own is not a legal document and does not give legal rights. However, it supports the consumers to understand and defend their rights better, as well as to demand better administrative servicing. The Charter also supports the administration servants in making the definition of the offered services clearer.

We need your cooperation for accomplishing these objectives and we would highly appreciate your spoken opinion, criticism, or recommendations.




The Regional Governor is a one-man executive body in Vidin Region that carries out the state government in the region and ensures compliance between the national and the local interests in the implementation of regional policy. In this activity, the deputy governors and the regional administration support him.

The Regional Governor is appointed by a decision of the Council of Ministers, while the deputy governors are appointed by the Prime Minister.


The Regional Governor of Vidin Region:

1. He implements the state policy in Vidin region, coordinates the work of the executive bodies and their administrations on the region territory and their cooperation with the local authorities;

2.He ensures compliance between  the national and local interests, organizes the development and   cooperation with the local self-government authorities and local administration;

3. He is responsible for the conservation and protection of the state property on the territory of Vidin Region

4. He ensures observation of law and exercises administrative control over the implementation of administrative acts;

5. He controls the legality in the acts and in the activities of the local self-government authorities and local administration;

6.He realizes the bond between the territory units of the central executive administration in Vidin region  and controls the implementation of their acts and the activities of their leaders

7. He coordinates and controls the activity of the territory units of the ministries and the other central administrative structures, which perform administrative servicing on the territory of Vidin Region regardless their chain of command;

8. He coordinates and controls the implementation of the acts and the work of the heads of the central administration territory units in the region;

9.He organizes and conducts the activities connected with population defense, the protection of the cultural heritage, the property, and the environment in the situation of  disasters and crises;

10. He chairs the Regional Council for security and crises management.

11. He fulfills the international contacts on regional level for Vidin Region .


The Regional governor of Vidin Region issues orders in the limits of the rights given to him by the law. He can challenge illegal acts of municipality councils according to the law for local self-government and local administration; he can repeal illegal acts of the mayors of municipalities in Vidin Region in 14-day-time after receiving them or after referring the case to Regional Administration.

The deputy governors and the administration support the Regional Governor in his actions. According the type of activity administration units perform, it is differentiated into general administration and specialized administration.

The general administration is organized in Administrative and Legal Servicing, Finances and Property Management Directorate. It assists technically the activity of the Governor in Vidin region as well as activities of the specialized administration and the administrative servicing of citizens and legal bodies.

The specialized administration is organized in Administrative Control, Regional Development and State Property Directorate and Technical Assistance, Coordination and Management of Regional programmes and Plans Directorate. The specialized administration enables and supports the implementation of the rights and duties of the Regional Governor of Vidin Region








Administrative and Legal

Servicing, Finances and

Property Management


Administrative Control, Regional Development and State Property


 Legal Servicing

and  Human Resources

 Financial and Accounting


State Property





Administrative Control


Regional Development

and Projects




Strategical and





The state and the public service sector exercise their activity aiming to secure fair, impartial, transparent, and accessible servicing to consumers.

 You have the right to be serviced that way and Regional Administration Vidin is ready to start a series of arrangements and particular steps to accomplish it in order to serve you the best way possible.

Administrative Servicing of physical persons and legal entities, and administrative units in Regional Administration is centralized at one desk. The order and conditions for offering administrative services are explained in an Instruction for Records Office in Regional Administration Vidin.

Easy access to our services

        Regional Administration starts work at 9.00 o clock and finishes at 17.30 oclock. The regulated break for the public servants is from 12.00 to 12.30 oclock.

        For reasons of convenience, you can make an appointment with the specialist you need previously. The Regional Governor of Vidin Region has a reception day each first Friday of the month; his deputies have reception days each next |Friday of the month. Appointments can be arranged on  094/ 605 749

        At the porters office of our administration, you will be directed to the appropriate specialist.

        In front of the entrance gate, there is an information board, where you can find useful information.

        Indicative plates sign the position of each department, at the entrance of each office are written the names of the official, who is servicing you.


        Our officials are engaged to listen to you attentively, to answer you in the shortest possible terms in comprehensible and accessible way.

        We only need the relevant to your file work documents.

        We service you under conditions of confidentiality as we guarantee protection of your personal data.

Accessible answer IN terms announced PREVIOUSLY

        We are careful to the explicitness and clearness of our applications and correspondence.

        We are ready to communicate you in various ways by personal meetings, on the phone and on the Internet, by ordinary post and e mail, by the fax. It is necessary just to inform us how to communicate you back and please do not forget to leave us an e-mail, address or telephone number.

        In case you are not satisfied from the quality or the terms of servicing by someone of our officials you have the right to complain to his direct head or director of the sphere.

        You also have the possibility to communicate the chief expert Information and Public Relations on 094/605 722, who is at your disposal about all questions of the day in Vidin Region.


         To enable citizens and legal entities (consumer of services) in receiving information about the type of administrative services, the necessary application forms and the regulated terms.

         To offer people concerned, professional consultation about the obligatory set of documents, necessary for the implementation   of each administrative service.

         To raise the quality of the final product of the different types of administrative services.

          To confine to the limit the possibilities for corruption by breaking the direct contact between the consumer and the servant from the back office of Regional Administration who in particular works on the offered service.


  • To facilitate at maximum the administrative procedures.
  • To create atmosphere of mutual confidence and respect between the consumers and the servants from the Administrative servicing office /front office/.
  • To exercise impartial control over the activity of the servants in the directorate offices (back offices) in Regional Administration Vidin, that offer administrative services.  
  • Coordination and cooperation between all sides concerned about the improvement of the administrative servicing, so that to provide equal results at the same circumstances.
  • To provide reliable feedback.
  • Implementation of obligations, connected with administrative servicing on previously developed and proclaimed rules.
  • Quality of the offered services.


  • Each servant wears a badge with a picture of his own, his written name, post, administration, and the unit, which he belongs to, while performing his duties.
  • Each servant in the state administration identifies himself in telephone conversation by his name and family name.
  • The deadline for inquiries by post and e-mail is seven days, except the cases when it is necessary to visit and check at a particular place or a statement by another institution is required. In these cases, the term is fourteen days.
  • The waiting time for receiving information and processing documents in connection with the administrative servicing at visiting the units for administrative servicing is not more than 20 minutes. Unless in some cases the necessary time is longer, it is a deviation from the standard norm and it is regulated by the inner administration rules. In the premises where the administrative servicing takes place if possible, suitable conditions and seats are provided for grown up and disabled people, pregnant women.


  • Polite, helpful, kind attitude towards consumers.
  • The complaints and queries are confidential.
  • The consumers are equal in the offered access to services never mind their different social status, education, sex, age, ethnical origin, religion.
  • Submit clear, comprehensive, detailed and précised information about the consumers question.
  • Transparency of administrative servicing.
  • Propriety in observing the deadlines for administrative servicing as proclaimed.
  • Various and approachable ways to submit suggestions, complaints, appraisals.


  • Achievement of professional work
  • Watchfulness, flexibility, and adjustability in different situations.
  • Offering the customer classified, reliable, profound information  
  • Reaction against corruption and other illegal actions.
  • Escape conflict situations, stay calm when they happen and put into practice skills for overcoming them
  • Desire to search for alternative decisions for the problem of the consumer

You have the right to handle demands, APPLICATIONS AND comlaints to Regional Administration vidin


  1. We inform you by a letter about measures taken to solve your problem. In the upper left part of the letter there is written a registration entrance number, under which we have received it and under that number, an inquiry can be made quickly and easily in the Records Office.
  2. We inform you by a letter that the desired administrative service or cooperation is out of the legal rights given to the Regional Governor. You will be informed the same way when your complaint is sent to a competent body if there is such opportunity. This way you do not have to handle the same demand twice.
  3. You can receive a message the document or certificate you need is prepared and information about the time and place to receive it. Do not forget always to bring your passport with you!
  4. In most cases, the Regional Governor exercises his rights by issuing an ordinance. When facts of legal importance are envisaged, rights or responsibilities are being created, rights or interests of   citizens/organizations are being affected by these ordinances, and these ordinances are called individual administrative acts (IAA). The explicit deny of the Regional governor is also an IAA. These are the acts, which are most often appealed. The terms and order for that will be explained in the following paragraphs.
  5. If in the stated by the law time  (from 3 days to 1 month, it depends on the inquiry and the amount of information to be processed) you do not receive any answer from Regional Administration Vidin you are in the situation of the so called silent refusal

Terms for Answering AND ANNOUNCEMENT

  •  if it is possible immediately;
  • not later than 3 work days to written requests for administrative services;
  • seven days for passing on request for issuing an act;
  • 14 days  when the request is for access to public information;
  • up to 1 month when the service needs finding out facts and circumstances to be checked, gathering information or making investigations;  
  • when there are specific terms duly specified in a certain law.

The administrative act, respectively the refusal of issuing such an act is announced in three-day - time from its publishing to all concerned citizens and organizations. You can be informed by spoken announcement about the content of the act, which is fixed by a signature or by another announcement sent on address you have left us or by another way of communication. When there is not pointed address the announcement can be found on the information board in the building of Regional Administration - Vidin.

appealling OF administrative acts

Acts issued by the Regional Governor can be appealed in the relevant justice courts. In the content of every act the terms and the respective appealing institution is stated. The scope of the litigation is limited only to the compliance between the issued act and the law. There are acts, which cannot be appealed. These are the inner official acts.

how an administrative act can be appealed

In 14-day-time after the announcement of issued administrative act or after expiring the deadlines for answering you can complaint to the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC). The complaint is lodged by the name of the Regional Governor and that means you can lodge it at the same place where you have lodged your request. In 3 days time the Regional Governor is obliged to make up all the correspondence on your request including the appealed act, send it to SAC, and inform you about that. 

After dating the case, SAC will inform you by sending a writ about the start of the legal procedure.

An extra protection

The institution of ombudsman was established in 2004. It is an independent entity, which follows only the law in his work. You can appeal to him when your rights and freedom have been offended by an action or inaction. He accepts and conceders complaints and signals for law and rights violation by state and local authorities and their administrations, examines the received complaints and signals. The complaints and signals may be written or oral; they may be sent by the traditional post or personally delivered. You will be answered in one-month time. The time is prolonged if the case requires more précised examination. Another legal right of the ombudsman is to mediate between administrative authorities and the offended people in order to overcome the offence and conciliate their positions. 

The ombudsman does not have the right to make sound circumstances he became familiar with while executing his duties.


 Law on the access to public information

 Public information is each piece of information connected with the public life in the Republic of Bulgaria, which gives the citizens opportunities to form an opinion on administration activity.

 Who has the Right to Access

  • Bulgarian citizens
  • Foreigner or person without citizenship
  • Bulgarian or foreign legal entity

 The application is considered by Regional Administration Vidin in the shortest possible time, but not later than 14 days from the date of the registered application. After this term expires you should be informed in written about the decision taken to permit or deny access.

When Access can be Denied to You

  • When the required information is classified as state or official secret;
  • When the information is connected with the operative working out of  acts of Regional Administration Vidin and do not have single meaning;
  • When the interests of third side are affected and there is not his explicit permission about that;
  • When you have been given access to this information in the previous 6 months.

When the required by you information is not kept in RA - Vidin we forward your application to the competent institution if we have information who keeps that information. When it is not possible, you will be informed about the fact it is impossible.

The decision of the Regional Governor to give or to deny access to public information is appealed to SAC.


Personal data is every piece of information that reveals his physical, psychological, mental, family, economic, cultural or public identity.  Regional Administration Vidin is engaged to undertake the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data from unregulated use.

You have the right to apply in written to Regional Administration on the following occasions:

  • to receive confirmation of existing personal data about you;
  • to correct or update personal data;
  • to give reasons  the legibility of proceeding your personal data;
  • to forbid Regional Administration Vidin to concede totally or partially your processed personal data for commercial information, advertisement or market survey.
  • to ask to be informed before your personal data  is revealed at first;

Revealing personal data of third person is allowed when:

  • the person concerned has given permission about that;
  • the data sources are public documents and registers containing  public information;
  • in connection with life and health protection of the person concerned, also when his condition does not allow him to give permission or there are legal obstacles about that;
  • when it is necessary to the judicial and executive authorities and for protection of consumers and competitiveness and this is stated by a law;
  • when it is necessary for scientific research or statistic objectives and they are used anonymously.

Regional Administration Vidin aims to carry on open dialog with the consumers, the NGOs, business representatives and civil society; dialog in which statements about innovations and weaknesses in the organization of administrative servicing are taken into account as well as suggestions for its improvement.
The feedback with the consumers of administrative services, the degree of citizens and firms satisfaction is a criterion for the quality of our work. We will enter in your opinion, your recommendations and constructive criticism.

You may contact Vidin Regional Administration on:

phone: ++ 359 94 60 16 16; ++ 359 94 60 57 27;
fax: ++ 359 94 60 10 76;
web site:

Letters posted to address:
6, Dunavska Str.
3700, Vidin

  • Letters can be brought personally to "Administrative Service" Office in Vidin Regional Administration
  • Letters can be sent in the dedicated box for complaints, recommendations and other reports, at the entry of the administration.

In conclusion, we would like to express our gratitude for the cooperation on administrative servicing reform and we appeal on you to express soundly your civil position in order to find together the right way to better organized and more efficient work of Regional Administration Vidin on the behalf of the whole society.




 List of uniform denominations of administrative services

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