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Regional Governor

Albena Georgieva

Born on 5th September 1983 in Vidin


Educational background

04.10.2012 - 05.2015

Plovdiv University "Paisiy Hilendarski"- Plovdiv
Public Administration
Master of Public Administration


Thracian University, Stara Zagora
Department for Information and Improvement of Teachers' Qualifications
Special pedagogy
Fifth professional - qualification degree - special pedagogy

09.2008 – 09.2010

Veliko Tarnovo University "St. St. Cyril and Methodius "
Pedagogy of children with special educational needs
Master’s degree- special pedagogue

09.2002 – 11.2006

Southwest University "Neofit Rilski" Blagoevgrad
Pedagogy of Physical Education

Professional background:

Since 10.05.2017:
Regional governor of Vidin region

17.03.2015 - 09.05.2017:
Deputy regional governor of Vidin region

15.09.2007 - 16.03.2015:
Assistance School "Dr. Petar Beron", Vidin;
Training of children with special educational needs;
Teacher of mentally retarded children;
Planning, preparation and conducting of the educational process.


The Regional Governor shall:

  1. ensure implementation of the state’s policy in the region, coordinates the actions of the executive authority and their administrations on the territory of the region and their collaboration with the local authority;
  2. ensure correspondence between national and local interests, organizes the working out and the execution of regional plans, strategies and programmes for local development, interacts with the bodies of local self-government and local administration;
  3. ensure the implementation of state’s policy for encourage investment in the region in accordance with the supplied to him authority with the Law on investment promotion;
  4. be responsible for the preservation and protection of state property on the territory of the region;
  5. control the lawfulness of the deeds and actions of the bodies of local self-government and local administration as: а) review the legality of municipal councils, unless the law provides otherwise; he may return the illegal acts for further debates in the municipal council or to contest them before the respective administrative court; b) he may revoke unlawful acts of mayors of municipalities within 14 days of receipt or referral, unless the law provides otherwise;
  6. ensure the observance of the Law on the territory of the region and exercises administrative control on the execution of administrative deeds;
  7. liaise with the territorial units of the central administration executive authority  in the region;
  8. coordinate and monitor the implementation of acts and actions of the heads of territorial units of central administration of executive authority in the region;
  9. coordinate and monitor the activity of territorial units of ministries and other bodies carrying out administrative services in the region, irrespectively of their  hierarchical subordination;
  10. lead information policy, which guarantees clarity and accessibility of the activity of the administration he heads;
  11. manage the Regional Development Council;
  12. organize the preparation of regional development strategy;
  13. submit a draft of the regional development strategy for discussion and coordination with the Regional Development Council and adoption of the Regional Development Council;
  14. manage the Regional Development Council under the conditions and terms of art. 18, para. 3 of the Law on Regional Development
  15. be responsible for organizational and technical preparations for elections for state and local authorities and members of the European Parliament from Bulgaria in the region;
  16. prepare the economy and population in the area for defense and organizes the defense related tasks in accordance with the Law on Defense and Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  17. manage the Regional Security Council;
  18. be responsible for managing the water and sewerage systems as a state representative in the association of water and sewerage systems in the terms and conditions established by the Water Act;
  19. be responsible for the maintenance of public order within the authority given to him by law;
  20. organize and conduct activities to protect the population, cultural values, valuables and environment in case of disasters; 
  21. exercise his rights under Art. 7a of the Ordinance on Border Checkpoints;
  22. confirm  the regional transport schemes;
  23. be responsible for the international contacts on regional level;
  24. confirm the job descriptions and responsibilities of the regional officials that are directly subordinate to him and the Secretary General;
  25. be responsible for the implementation of finance management and control over all programmes, activities and processes led by him in accordance with the principles of legality, good financial management and transparency;
  26. issue penal provisions for the imposition of administrative penalties as provided by law  or other act cases;
  27. have the authority to appoint  the state officials in accordance with the Law for state officials and act as employer under labor contract by the Labor Code;
  28. send on business trip in the country and abroad by order, when expressly authorized, the deputy governors;
  29. send on business trip in the country and abroad by order civil servants and officials employed of Regional administration;
  30. confirms the official seal of the regional governor, which is round in shape, as well as other seals for office needs;
  31. approve the internal rules for electronic and paper documents turnover corresponding to the specific nature and circumstances of Regional administration activity;
  32. ensure the development and implementation of administrative information system (AIS) in Regional Administration;
  33. perform other rights conferred upon him by law or by Council of Ministers act;
  34. create and manage councils and committees in the execution of other functions assigned to him by law or by Council of Ministers;

(2) In carrying out his authority the governor may create public boards and commissions as advisory bodies and working groups to solve specific tasks.
(3) The regional governor shall issue orders within the limits of his legal authority.

Danube region commits to sustainable mobility in tourism
15 organisations from 9 European countries along the Danube encourage the development of a Network of Destinations (“Pearls”) to offer their visitors and inhabitants the possibility to travel and explore the Danube region with sustainable means of transport.
Final conference on project TRANSDANUBE
It marks the official end of a 2-year collaboration between 14 project partners from six countries along the Danube
Sixth partner meeting and Final conference on project TRANSDANUBE
From 8 to 11 September 2014 will be held the Sixth partner meeting and the Final conference of project “TRANSDANUBE – Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube”, in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
Travelling eco-friendly along the Danube
Interactive Map \"Danube Tour\" supports tourists who would like to travel along the Danube by bus, train, boat and on foot
Fifth partner meeting on project TRANSDANUBE was held in Tulcea, Romania
The meeting was attended by representatives of all project partners from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria
Fifth partner meeting on project TRANSDANUBE in Tulcea, Romania
The workshop will begin with meeting of the Project Steering Committee where will be discussed the current status of the project implementation
Regional administration Vidin will hold two seminars on project TRANSDANUBE - „Sustainable Transport and Tourism along Danube”
On the seminars will be presented products developed in the framework of the project – Regional Marketing
The Fourth partner meeting on project TRANSDANUBE ended in Veszprem, Hungary
The members of the team actively joined the organized sessions related with information exchange in the field of tourism, tourism packages and proposals for sustainable transport
The participation of Vidin region on the International Tourist Fair HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO 2014 ended
Vidin region was presented with a unique stand
Fourth partner meeting on project TRANSDANUBE in Veszprem, Hungary
Representatives from Regional administration Vidin will take part in the Fourth partner meeting on project
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